Can I Drink Coffee After Having Filler or Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

You’ve scheduled your appointment, you’re excited to try out your new lips, chin, or cheeks, but you’ve heard that coffee and cosmetic treatments don’t mix. So what’s the real deal?

Most of us need a bracing caffeinated pick-me-up at some point throughout the day. Caffeine works to suppress chemical signals in the body that make us feel sleepy. It also dilates (widens) our blood vessels. And this is where it can cause issues!

Now, don’t stress. If you’ve had a cup of coffee or two before or after your appointment, it’s not going to harm you or make your treatment less effective. It will however increase the risk and prominence of bruising, particularly if you’re having lip fillers.

The lips are rich in blood vessels, These red-colored blood filled capillaries are close to the thin skin on your lips, and they’re what make your lips appear red.

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When you have an injection of lip filler, the needle punctures the skin and the filler is injected into the lips. This minor trauma naturally causes bruising, which is blood leaking out and collecting under the skin.

When you’ve had caffeine recently, your blood vessels are dilated, including in your lips. With more blood coming through, any trauma will result in a larger bruise. Think of it as poking a hole in a hose when the tap is on high versus on low pressure. The coffee is what’s turning the tap up.

Image Source: plasticsurgerykey

The effect is the same with anti-wrinkle injections, but tends to be much less prominent, because the volume of substance being injected into the face is much lower.

Similarly, it also occurs in areas other than lips, but less noticeably, as the skin is thicker and less densely packed with blood vessels.

How long should I wait before or after injections to drink coffee?

If you want to reduce the risk ans prominence of bruising from your treatment, be sure to wait 12 hours before and after your procedure before drinking coffee again!

However, if you’re not worried about bruising, don’t stress too much. Remember, it won’t affect your health, just your recovery time.

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