The Questions You Really Want Answered

1. Can I Kiss After Lip Filler?

We know that you can’t wait to try out your new plump lips! You will experience some swelling and tenderness in the first few days after your treatment. A peck or gentle kiss will be fine, anything more passionate that involves your lips or mouth is best put off until your lips have settled!

2. Does It Hurt?

It is completely normal to experience a little bit of discomfort during your cosmetic injectables treatment! Most people say that it feels like a sting, pinch or scratch. Lip filler is the most uncomfortable procedure because the lips are extremely sensitive and require a number of injection sites as we need to perfect the shape and volume.

We provide numbing cream before all cosmetic injectables at your request, and if you have an extremely low pain tolerance then we can firstly inject a local anaesthetic. The dermal/lip fillers that we use also contain local anaesthetic to help ease discomfort during the procedure.

3. Can You Un-Do Dermal Filler And Lip Filler?

Dermaq clinicians pay close attention to your needs and requests, we will conduct a thorough facial assessment and, in some cases, use an eyeliner pencil to mark exactly where we want to inject the product.

If for some reason you decide that you don’t like having filler, this may be due to the feel, a change in mind or bad reaction, we are able to dissolve the product with an enzyme called hyaluronidase. The reversal product is injected with a small needle into the affected area where it will immediately start to dissolve the hyaluronic acid dermal filler. This will help to correct:

  • Overfilling or dissatisfying results
  • Excess swelling
  • Infection in the treated area (rare)
  • Prolonged lumps that have not resolved with massage
  • Vascular compromise (occurs when filler is placed in a blood vessel, interfering with blood flow – extremely rare)

4. What Happens If I Want More Filler?

If you and your injector think more filler is needed to achieve your desired result, then we can inject more than initially planned in that same appointment.

Incredible full lip transformation in a beautiful Dermaq patient

Dermaq Aesthetics clinicians will do a maximum of 1mL in the lips at any one time. This is due to a number of reasons including:

  • Swelling will be present, so it is difficult to accurately see where a second syringe is needed
  • Risk of overfilling
  • Severe bruising and swelling as there have been more injections in the lips

It is best to let your lips settle for 1-2 weeks then book in again for a second syringe.

5. What Is The Difference Between Dermal Fillers And Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections are typically used to treat wrinkles, in areas such as the eyes, upper face and mouth.

Dermal fillers are placed beneath the skin to provide support and volume in multiple facial areas including the lips, around the mouth and in the jawline.

6. Are Dermal Fillers Permanent?

No, the dermal fillers that Dermaq Aesthetics uses are made of hyaluronic acid. They typically last anywhere from 3-18 months depending on the thickness and placement.

7. Will Smoking Have An Impact On My Filler?

It is safe to have cosmetic injectables if you smoke. Some people will say that smoking can reduce the longevity of cosmetic injectables.

There are no studies that suggest smoking impacts the longevity of dermal filler, however smoking can accelerate the formation of lines called ‘smokers lines’ around the mouth.

8. Can Lip Fillers Look Natural? I Don’t Want To Have Duck Lips!

The procedure can be as subtle or dramatic as you want! Speak to one of our highly trained medical staff about your specific needs.

9. Will My Partner Be Able To Feel The Lip Filler?

Your partner may notice that your lips feel fuller and more plump (which is great!), however they will not be able to feel lumps or hardness once the initial swelling has gone down.

10. Can I Get 0.5mL of Lip Filler?

We rarely use less than 1mL of filler at Dermaq Aesthetics. The price of 0.5mL is the same as 1mL as all dermal fillers that we have come in 1mL amounts. You may choose to get 0.5mL, in some cases we can store the left over 0.5mL for your top up, but it is never used on another client.

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