Do Dermal Fillers Hurt?

Regardless of your pain tolerance, if you’ve had or are thinking of having cosmetic medical treatment, you’ve probably wondered this yourself. We speak with Dermaq Aesthetic’s Chief Medical Officer to get the facts.

Whatever product is used or area treated, all dermal fillers work on the same principle. A solution containing Hylauronic Acid is injected under your skin.

The filler then binds to water molecules, attracting them and trapping them under your skin to create that plump effect.

Unfortunately, whenever anything pierces the skin, there’s going to be pain. And the pain increases proportionally to the viscosity of the product and the sensitivity of the area.

Anti-wrinkle injections hurt less than filler for example, because the solution isn’t nearly as dense, and tends to be injected in a lower volume.

The things that affect the amount of pain you’re likely to experience are:

  • Area Injected
  • Type of Filler Used
  • Number of Injection Sites
  • Type and Diameter of Needle Used
  • Skill of Your Practitioner

Area Injected

Some areas are naturally more sensitive than others, due to thinner skin, and a greater abundance of nerves and blood vessels. Your lips are one of the most sensitive areas of your body, and filler here will be more painful than, for example, in the cheeks or chin.

Type of Filler Used

As well as different brands, there are fillers with different chemical and physical properties that we use to achieve different effects. More highly cross-linked filler is thicker and more vicious, and we will often use this in procedures such as adding definition to the chin, cheeks or jaw. Fortunately the less sensitive injections sites contract the greater discomfort introduced by the use of thicker filler.

Number of Injection Sites

Your Dermaq Aesthetics clinician will likely need to inject product multiple times across a range of sites, which the amount varying depending on the procedure. The more injection sites, the more discomfort you may experience. Fortunately our highly skilled clinicians are trained to administer product in the most efficient way possible.

Type and Diameter of Needle Used

Skill of Your Practitioner

Dermaq Aesthetics clinicians undergo extensive training to perfect their art.


But don’t fret! At Dermaq Aesthetics, we care deeply about your comfort. Our clinicians will apply a topical numbing cream before any injections are made. In addition, if you’re particularly sensitive to pain, we can administer a local anaesthetic to the area. Finally, the products we use themselves contain a certain amount of anaesthetic, so the experience should be much less painful than with an unmedicated product.

Ultimately, while it can be uncomfortable, the vast majority of people have no issues with it. The procedure tends to be quite swift. If you have any concerns, speak to your Dermaq Aesthetics practitioner during your consultation.

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