Do Dermal Fillers Hurt?

Regardless of your pain tolerance, if you’ve had or are thinking of having cosmetic medical treatment, you’ve probably wondered this yourself. We speak with Dermaq Aesthetic’s Chief Medical Officer to get the facts. Whatever product is used or area treated, all dermal fillers work on the same principle. A solution containing Hylauronic Acid is injectedContinue reading “Do Dermal Fillers Hurt?”

Will Anyone Know If I’ve Had Work Done?

Short answer: not if you don’t want them to! Will it be obvious from my face or body? It depends on the treatment. If you’ve had anti-wrinkle injections, no, there are usually no visible external indications immediately afterwards. The same is true for most dermal fillers (e.g. cheek filler). There will be slight redness andContinue reading “Will Anyone Know If I’ve Had Work Done?”

Can Men Get Filler?

YES Of course! We can all agree that shouldn’t need saying, but the question does get asked. Men not only can, but frequently do get cosmetic treatments including anti-wri kle injections, lip fillers and dermal fillers of many kinds. A particularly popular treatment that we offer is jaw filler, which can help achieve that cuttingContinue reading “Can Men Get Filler?”

Can I Go Out After Having Fillers or Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

This is a great question that we’re frequently asked by our patients. The short answer yes, but you may not want to straight away. The longer version is this: it depends what you’ve had done, what products were used and where. Let’s go over a few common issues so you can understand what we mean.Continue reading “Can I Go Out After Having Fillers or Anti-Wrinkle Injections?”

Can I Drink Coffee After Having Filler or Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

You’ve scheduled your appointment, you’re excited to try out your new lips, chin, or cheeks, but you’ve heard that coffee and cosmetic treatments don’t mix. So what’s the real deal? Most of us need a bracing caffeinated pick-me-up at some point throughout the day. Caffeine works to suppress chemical signals in the body that makeContinue reading “Can I Drink Coffee After Having Filler or Anti-Wrinkle Injections?”

Eating For Healthier Skin – 8 Foods That You Should Include In Your Diet For Youthful And Glowing Skin

Have you ever been told ‘you are what you eat’? What we put into our bodies is reflected externally by our skin. Melbourne based cosmetic injectables clinic Dermaq Aesthetics offers some insight into what can get you on the path to flawless skin! The food we eat is broken down into vitamins, minerals and proteins,Continue reading “Eating For Healthier Skin – 8 Foods That You Should Include In Your Diet For Youthful And Glowing Skin”

The Questions You Really Want Answered

1. Can I Kiss After Lip Filler? We know that you can’t wait to try out your new plump lips! You will experience some swelling and tenderness in the first few days after your treatment. A peck or gentle kiss will be fine, anything more passionate that involves your lips or mouth is best putContinue reading “The Questions You Really Want Answered”

Before and After

A picture speaks a thousand words. A comparison even more. Although every individual’s results will vary, seeing a similar procedure on another person can be helpful when you’re making decisions. Here we include a selection of side-by-side comparison to help you in your process at Dermaq Aesthetics. Lip Filler Before and After Lip fillers workContinue reading “Before and After”